Anyone who has had clothing or shoes custom made to his exact measurements can attest to their extraordinary comfort and fit. At the heart of the best made-to-measure garments are precision measurements. We at Shaia’s have mastered the art of measuring that results in a quality fit. Based on your individual physique, a tailor will skillfully drape and sew your chosen fabric into the perfect jacket, trousers or shirt using the traditional artisan methods that have endured the test of time. When you put it on, you’ll know it was made especially for you. We offer custom-made suits, shirts and trousers, as well as boots and belts from select fine designers. We will take your measurements and help you choose from hundreds of impeccable fabrics and leathers. Three to six weeks later, you’ll have a garment of unerring fit.

  • Isaia
  • J.B. Hill
  • Kiton
  • Trussini
  • Zegna